When an organisation goes through rapid technological or structural changes such as mergers, it is crucial for businesses to have a flexible communication process, policies and application eco-systems which are aligned with long term business strategy. Enterprise architecture is the process by which firms standardise and organise IT infrastructure to align with its vision. These reforms need to be designed within the overarching business goals and strategic planning that provides stability amid massive enterprise transformation.

As digitalisation plays a major role in defining the organisational architecture, firms demand IT solutions that integrate multiple partners, vendors, customers and business support into a single application. However, this increases the complexity of executing changes. Business architecture tools analyse, plan, design and implement changes in the IT systems that enable management to execute new strategies.

Although the IT system is an integral part of the business, both the business and IT systems have their own challenges. For a business, aligning IT investment with a profitable outcome is a challenge whereas for an IT system, enabling secure data interactions between various stakeholders is an issue. Enterprise solutions meet these business and IT challenges using a conceptual framework along with cost-effective technology.



Data monetization:

The conceptual framework of enterprise architecture comprises of a set of IT-focused practices such as data encryption, and business-focused practices such as estimating impact and cost of IT projects. While modern technology such as cloud computing, web interface and robotic automation are playing a major role in enterprise architecture, the core of this transformation lies in designing models for business architecture.

As the industry is moving rapidly towards modern technology, it is important to understand that both technological solutions and enterprises must flow together towards technological and organisational changes in order to achieve its common goal. Thus, the demand for enterprise applications which enables robust enterprise architecture design is expected to grow further.

Proven Consult supports businesses in transforming their enterprise architecture along with policy and technological dimensions. With our expert enterprise architects and innovative technology, we deliver a competitive edge to your business.

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