In the age of the internet of things, automation is not limited to robots performing repetitive processes. robotic process automation (RPA) combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities allows for communication and collaboration with different bots, application program interfaces (APIs), or devices just like humans collaborate. Each inter-connected program can interact with each other and complete the required tasks without any human intervention.

However, as the business grows in scale, the business problems grow more complex and require solutions that are as reliable as human experts and also have self-learning capabilities.

Similar to the human experts, the intelligent automation solutions that imitate a human expert must base its decision on its knowledge base. For example, automation programs with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities can make sense of the consumer opinion expressed on different platforms and decode large amounts of unstructured consumer data. This acts as a knowledge base on which an enterprise can automate and personalize ads. This consumer opinion data is also crucial to predict consumer’s future buying behavior and automate sales communications to promote products that are aligned with the consumers buying behavior.



Man and machine communication:

Intelligent automation is playing a pivotal role in marketing. As developers connect RPA programs with wider data pool such as search history and browsing behavior, intelligent automation is becoming even more effective through being able to manage big data and turn it into insights that marketing teams can use for personalized ads, product recommendations or improved customer experiences.

This gives a glimpse of the future of intelligent automation where automation can work alongside humans, improving the customer experience whilst freeing up the existing teams to become more strategic and add more value to the business. Processes in sales, HR, finance, or procurement across multiple sectors, which require manual repetitive tasks can be automated using RPA and when combined with AI delivers an improved experience for the end-user. Over the last few years, intelligent automation has been adopted for training and development, customer self-service chatbots and customer journey mapping.

Technology disruption and global competition are reshaping the way the world does business. Recent innovations in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are providing new ways for training and development of teams and as the modern-age organizations step into this new time, enterprises must focus on training employees to work alongside bots and elevate their departments to become more strategic.

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