As companies look to expand into the global market rapidly, the ability to scaleup operations is becoming paramount for businesses. This opportunity for rapid growth is inspiring businesses across all industries to transform manual business processes into automated processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology enables organizations to automate their processes and reduce human interventions, creating multiple advantages for enterprises in terms of staffing cost and a reduction in time duration to maximize business efficiency.

RPA bots accelerate the processes compared to when the same tasks are performed by humans, and minimizing the human interventions in the company’s operations, reducing risks and errors. Enterprises can automate repetitive tasks to increase employee productivity and allow human teams to focus on strategic, managerial or customer service-oriented tasks where rational thinking and judgments are needed to be applied.



What is the future of BPO?

However, the organization’s objective behind implementing RPA decides the effectiveness of the solution. When companies apply RPA solutions, the focus should be on the question of what activities should be automated, rather than what professional role should be automated. It is one of the misdirections that most enterprises take, where business leaders aim to replace a professional role with robotic automation. Learning to see beyond a professional role and reframing the question to find a solution that meets the organization’s needs is crucial for successful RPA implementation.

With cognitive technology such as natural language, speech recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence, RPA solutions can perform complex activities. These technologies leverage the RPA solutions with enhanced capabilities and transform the existing robotic automation into intelligent automation.

Where the RPA solutions can perform repetitive functions, these modern technologies enable applications to perform processes that are dynamic in nature. With intelligent automation, the application can decode the intent of a customer’s message and send an automated response or direct it towards an appropriate team, creating a seamless customer experience.

Although some of the processes may still have to fall back on humans as they require decision-making and human skills, the use-cases of intelligent automation are proliferating. These discoveries of new use cases are building the future of automation by bridging the gap between dynamic and repetitive processes.

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